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Cremation is permitted only if the decreased gave consent during his or her lifetime, in respect for their wishes.

Authorisation for cremation can be obtained as follows:

1) l'iscrizioneRegistration, during the lifetime of the deceased, to the corporate body SO.Crem. This registration represents, under the terms of the law, clear consent for cremation;

2) A holograph will, arranged with a solicitor, stating the wish to be cremated. For this will to be valid, the solicitor must publish it at the time of death.

3) Presentation by a relative (the spouse, or by a son or daughter in the absence of a spouse, or other relative in the absence of children) of a request for cremation to the Superintendent Registrar of the Municipality where the death took place, when the two conditions above are not met.


Return of ashes

To request the return of ashes in an urn, it is sufficient to submit a request signed by the next of kin of the deceased to the relevant Municipal authorities. The person to whom the urn is returned agrees to take care of this and to keep it at their home.


Scattering of ashes

Ashes can be scattered only when the deceased has left their written consent.


Scattering can be carried out with a biodegradable casket when the mourners prefer not to see the ashes, or with a zinc casket which must be returned to Staglieno Cemetery within five days after the ceremony together with the report confirming that the ashes have been scattered.


Rules on scattering of ashes:

Scattering at sea: it is obligatory to inform the harbour master’s office. Scattering of the ashes should be carried out at a distance of about 500 to 1000 m from the coast, and not within the area of the harbour, and the craft must be travelling at a speed of at least three knots. 

Scattering in nature (mountains, countryside): this must be done away from inhabited areas and settlements, and the place and time has to be authorised by the Municipality where the ashes are to be scattered.