servicios funerales Genova Liguria Cremación acondicionamiento del fallecido funerales genova italia At the time of your greatest need

At the time of your greatest need

Initial contact

Call the La Generale Pompe Funebri Spa centre, open 24/7 all year round, at +39 010. 41.42.41 or the free-phone number 800.721.999. A member of the La Generale Pompe Funebri team will be in contact as soon as possible to assist you in the discreet manner characteristic of La Generale Pompe Funebri Spa and organise the undertaking service best suited to your needs.


Death at home

 In the event of a death at home, call the doctor of the deceased who will prepare the necessary documentation (ISTAT MODEL) for reporting the death. This document, once compiled by the doctor, is collected by someone on behalf of La Generale Pome Funebri Spa who sends the death report to the relevant municipal authorities.


Death at hospital or private facility

In the event of death at a hospital or private social-health facility, the management of the facility will release the necessary documentation for reporting the death.
La Generale Pompe Funebri Spa: a member of our team will be with you very shortly.